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Why Indigo

We, USB Travel Agency, have been organising children's camps for over 10 years. 
We created our Indigo brand and our desire to improve and create the best summer adventures for children has evolved into Indigo Camps.

Our aim is to encourage children's curiosity and socialisation. We want them to develop their individuality and independence.

Seaside games

We believe that every single day at the beach and swimming pool can be fun and interesting with active games and quests

Yoga and friends

Every kid have a possibility to try our special program "Yoga and Friends" which helping to improve stretching and create interest for active life

Active games

Every new day we have new events: Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Archery, Darts, Petank e.t.c

Tournaments and many concourses with prizes 

Special Events

We have some special events to share with you, like: Holi Fest, Neptun, Body Painting, Synchronized Swimming and many other


We love to hiking mountains and forests. We are doing this with pleasure and friends, come to hike with us

Art & Craft

We love to create with kids unforgetable moments and gifts with our hands, aspecially bracelets, dream catchers, clay figures, oregami and other interesting gift


Evening with animator is a moment when kids shared theyr emotions, prepare for events and get more friendly with all team and camp

Indigo Vibes

The kids inspiring us to be more creative and more energetic. Come to feel this magnific indigo vibes

Also we will have:


We all love acting and every kid will have the opportunity to try his skills at stage

Bonfire time

One of the favorite traditions of our camps is to gather in the evening by the fire.


We draw with all possibilities: on the walls, on large canvases and on asphalt

Movie Night

Every day is special - so we save all the moments on video and enjoy it together


Halloween, masquerade ball, indigo zoo and many other cosplays will blow your imagination

Make Photos

We will make a lot of interesting themed photos, with new and old friends, with wonderful places and a lot of fun

Contact us

Zlatovrah 5 street,
Sofia Bulgaria


tel: +359 / 88/ 8429972
      +359 / 88/ 6119603

Kraanspoor 29D 1033SC
Amsterdam, Netherlands


tel: +31 / 639 / 618932

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